Domain of Khariss


The territory of the dragon known as Khariss has been contested for a long time, being passed from one dragon to another. Khariss makes her lair in the mountains closest to the biggest city in the region: Duskport. The province of Duskport controls about 180 miles of land along the Dusk Coast.

To the north of Duskport is the fortress of Longwall, built to repel attackers from the plains to the east. Longwall is an independent fortress, staking claim to the lands to the north. Khariss hasn’t claimed Longwall for herself, so the fort has been fighting the monsters from the woods to the north and attacks from the orcish tribes from the Steel Plains.

To the south of Duskport lies the Devil’s Needle, a coastal fortification and port that overlooks the Shattered Coast. Devil’s Needle is also not a part of Khariss’ domain, as keeping the area clear of the major threats from the sea would require her to spend too much time away from her lair.

The Emerald Forest, named for the presence of a green dragon that ruled over Duskport a long time ago, is a heavily forested area north-east of Duskport. The depths of the forest contained the dragon’s lair, and they are now nigh-impassable. The edges of the woods are settled, but there are tales of dangers lurking in the woods.

Kolmhaag is a fortress that oversees the large river called Haag that cuts through the Weeping Mountains. It is there to fight against the orcs that inhabit the lands beyond the mountains.



Marram is the family of the original King when Khariss drove off the previous dragon, Zathare. Baron Goran is a Marram, and the family owns Duskport. They are wealthy and have a good control of most of the trading that happen through the harbor.
Baron Goran is a dragonborn sorcerer, carrying the Scepter of Barony with confidence. He is contemplative and reserved, only speaking when necessary and observing the people around him with a judging gaze. He is nearly always shrouded in heavy cloak.

After Khariss’ death, the Baron attempted to hold on to the power, but failed thanks to the efforts of the Party. He lost his life in the process. Now the Marram have lost a lot of their power, and no longer hold a seat in the council.


Drusia is the owner of a prosperous town famed for their shipwrights at the Sunken Lake. As they control shipbuilding of Khariss’ domain, the family enjoys respect, and their diplomats have a permanent house in Duskport.

Lady Ashinka Drusia is the elder of the Drusia family. Known as a shrewd negotiator, she is typically at the forefront of any new development in Duskport, offering her wealth and advice for favours and ownership. Dressed in impressive robes and jewelry, her beauty is well-known and appreciated in the lands.


Kuon is the primary military might of Duskport. The Knight order of Kuon has been protecting the lands from foreign invasions, monsters and civil unrest for a long time. They have also been instrumental when Khariss has expanded her borders to the south and to the north.

Lord Morgath Kuon is the battle-hardened veteran of Kuon Knighthood. Typically staying out of politics and petty arguing, he upholds the law and peace in the lands and protects the Domain from threats that Khariss chooses to ignore. He is an imposing sight with his halberd and ornate armor.


Kiln is the family who own Kolmhaag: A fort built to prevent threats from beyond the Weeping Mountains from passing to Khariss’ domain. As there hasn’t been any threats sailing from the Howling Passage, they have been focusing on running the dwarven mines beneath Kolmhaag. This has led Kiln to adopt many new members to its ranks, including humans, half-elves and dwarves.

Kiln’s leader is Lord Uratha Kiln. More jovial than the typical dragonborn, he is well-liked for his proggressive views and his trust in non-dragonborn. Kiln has a council of its own, comprised of many different people to give many different views. Lord Uratha dressess reservedly, preferring simple and utilitarian, while still brandishing some of their fine dwarven craftsmanship.


Nailo is the only major non-Dragonborn family. They are an ancient elven lineage, who have managed to survive several dragons’ annexations. Nailo has the best knowledge of the land, and keep themselves neutral in the other families’ power struggles. Apart from a small settlement in the north edge of the Emerald Forest, they own no land.

Lord Yaris Nailo is the chief of Nailo family. He is a graceful and old elf, having lived in Duskport over 600 years. His father lived and fought in the Age of War. Despite all, Yaris is humble, offering his wisdom and knowledge for the good of Duskport.

Lady Anthea Nailo is a bit more uncommon sight in public than Lord Yaris. She is wed to Yaris, and tends to their family manor. Nearly as long-lived as her husband, she has had 3 children, of which only the youngest is still in Duskport.

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Domain of Khariss

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