History of Civilization

As the rivalry between dragons in the world grew higher, the demand for an even more impressive possessions rose. Cruxis came in and sowed the ideas of civilization: Why not allow the lesser species to build great cities and kingdoms whose prosperity would invoke envy in one’s rivals and lust in one’s mates?

The dragons tasked their most favourite species, the Dragonborn to build cities in their name. The most ancient ones were built near, but not too near, to the best perches and lairs so that the dragons could witness the land and settlements they owned.

This was the Age of Splendor. As the dragons competed with the cities of their own, the previously oppressed races were given a chance to expand their cultures and influence. Dwarves carved impressive fortressess and subterranean chambers into the mountains, the humans and halflings tilled endless fields, and the dragonborn erected monuments, walls and palaces. The elves grew their homes in the living woods.

But the age was not to last. As civilization grew more impressive, an easier path towards greatness became apparent: To destroy. Some dragons started to grow armies in order to level their neighbors’ accomplishments. Thus started the Age of War. Mighty armies clashed, bringing ruin and despair to the peoples. In some cases the dragons themselves joined in, directing and assaulting their nemeses.

During this time uncertainty and danger abound. As the common attention was directed towards external threats, internal ones started to fester. Monsters started to roam the countrysides, growing unchecked and dangerous. Cults worshipping abominations and blasphemous entities brought in demons and other disasterous beings.

Only after losing many of the ancient dragons did they start again focusing on their own territories. Many battles were fought and in some places the land was poisoned by the perils of war. But finally the dragons managed to wrest the control of the world back to themselves.

Thus began the Age of Dawn, the current Age. The dragonic territories of old have shrunk significantly, as the dragons have consolidated their power near their biggest cities. The areas outside of their influence have grown dangerous, but free. Many younger dragons have headed to these Wild Lands to stake their own influences. Stories tell of free cities, free of having to pay tribute to their local dragons, but they always carry a price: Vulnerability to monsters that do not care for diplomacy.

History of Civilization

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