Return to the Realm

56th Session

Tired, the Party ascended the stairs that led them to Zandath. On top of the castle was a round room, surrounded by cabinets, bookcases and tables, and opposite the staircase was an ornate chair. On it sat a white Dragonborn, his skin wound tight and its scales curled and dried. His eyes were glowing red dots that observed his guests. With a grand gesture he welcomed the travelers to his home and summoned servants who brought seats.

Zandath, apparently without even a hint of remorse or apology, asked the Party to share their story. As they nearly died to this being’s fancies, they were understandably not very sociable. What Althaea and Antinua managed to ascertain about the being was that he was ancient, fed on pure life force of others and was bored. Not wanting to give any information to this being of unknowable motives, the Party was mum. This disappointed Zandath, who with a flair of annoyance, delivered on his promise. Opening a secret path on the floor, he took them deep down to a very forlorn cavern. Dozens and dozens of shadows, lost souls, were desperately trying to claw their way into a space in the middle, separated by a high metallic cage. From a bridge from above one could drop down into the space, and that is what Zandath suggested before leaving the Party to their own devices. One by one they dropped down into the cage, evading the shadow claws, and they found themselves in another, dark space.

That space turned out to be a divination room in a tomb. The tomb, holding the remains of a powerful warrior of old, was itself in the Neptek desert, near the Than river, in the southernmost edge of the Still Sea. Near the domain of Nidhi, Lady Antinua’s home. As they beheld the Sun staring down at them from familiar skies, the Party let out a collective sigh: They were back home. The cold air and the Highmoon told them that it was the 10th of Silence, almost middle of winter. But this south, the winter merely translated to cold night air.

It was two days when they arrived in the city of Nidhi itself: A stony, geometrically pleasant city in the deltas of Than. Canals separated the buildings and small gondolas ferried nobles and wealthy people from building to building… And from a coal-warmed brazier to another. While Dulkan left to find stables for ReneĆ©, the rest of the Party traveled to Marquis Thahka’s chambers. There they found the jewel-laden Dragonborn sitting near a huge floor-mounted brazier and cololurful silks. The Marquis welcomed the Party, providing them some information on what had been happening: In Dusk Coast the Guardian had revealed her existence to the general public, inspiring the Followers of the Guardian to spread far and wide. Even here, over a thousand miles away from Dusk Coast, their presence was causing trouble with the clerics and paladins.

Now the Party had a week to plan their next move, as it was the time it would take for the Huntress to arrive. If all went well, that is…


Samuli_Raninen Samuli_Raninen

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