Uratha Kiln

Head of the Kiln family


Lord Uratha Kiln is the rather jovial member of the Kiln family. Under his leadership, the Kilns have had a good life. The Kiln family owns the fortress of Kolmhaag, and most importantly, the mines underneath it.

As the mines are worked by dwarves, Kiln has many dwarven members. Lord Uratha has raised many non-dragonborn to high standing in the family line, adopting many new members. This, in addition to his jovial and good nature, has ensured loyalty from nearly all of his subjects.

Lord Uratha likes to dress reservedly, preferring utilitarian and simple, while still showing off the dwarven craftsmanship.

After Khariss’ death, Lord Uratha left for Kolmhaag and was not heard of since. The only rumours coming from the fortress-city were strange and reclusive behaviour from the nobels.


Uratha Kiln

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