Tuire Winden

The Dragonborn noble of Winden


Lady Tuire Winden exemplifies Winden: The eternal second to everyone else. Winden is not near anything important, its mining capacities are second to Kolmhaag and it is not as beautiful as Melenne.

Like her province, Lady Tuire is however, filled with surprising skills. She has educated herself on many matters, speaks many languages and knows Sir Morgath Kuon closely.

When Lady Ashinka Drusia came to ask her to help with the free Dusk Coast, she was initially reluctant, knowing that her relative unimportance would keep her in risk. But after Lady Ashinka offered to construct a road from Drusia to Duskport that would go through Winden, she decided to join in.

As their last ally, Tuire felt like an afterthought, but still decided to be fully in. After all, if she were to be crucial in the operation, certainly it would bring more recognition to her.

Tuire Winden

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