Red Dragon of Duskport


Khariss is an old red Dragon, currently inhabiting the Dusk Coast. Khariss’ previous domain was at the forefront in the Age of War, according to her. 120 years ago she attacked Duskport with force from the south, driving off the green Dragon Zathare from her forest. After exiling or executing her loyalists, Khariss assigned some of her followers to the key noble positions and retreated to a lair in the Weeping Mountains.

She has since then made only two expansions into the north and the south, and has mostly been in her lair, possibly scheming or just growing. Only once has her reign been contested in a small but furious battle to the north.

Khariss occasionally visits Duskport, landing in the huge balcony of the Council without declaration. Her blood-red scales, impressive wings, penetrating gaze and the smell of sulfurr always leaves an impression to the people of Duskport. The purpose of the visits is to remind everyone of her existence and power, and keeping fear in the hearts of her subjects. She also flies over her domain, hunting for easy prey, snatching pigs, cows and the occasional traveller.

The surviving tributaries speak of Khariss’ inquisitive and demanding voice that dominates her entire lair, and her possessive attitude. She speaks abruptly and makes statements that she expects to follow.

The Party found that Khariss had lost her life in a fight with an unknown entity. A weapon of an unknown source had pierced her heart, and the assailant had just left her amongst her treasures.


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