Edessa Kiln

Young sorcerer of Kiln


Edessa was brought to the Kiln family when she was very young. Her sorcerous powers had already manifested, so her arrival was a cause for celebration, even as some sources heralded her as “difficult”.

Soon rumours started to circulate that Edessa had trouble controlling her magic. Lord Uratha spared no expenses to hire tutors to teach her, but the story was always the same: After meeting the human girl, the sorcerers dismissed her magic, stating that “it was not draconic.”

When Edessa was nine, she was handed to a private tutor who lived further away from Kolmhaag. For six years she was with the tutor, apparently making progress in her powers. Her existence was mostly forgotten at this time. But then Lord Uratha decided to have her back. This proved somewhat difficult, for the tutor was reluctant to discontinue her training. In the end, Lord Uratha went and retrieved her with force, with Dulkan included. When the force arrived, they found an empty manor with just the now-grown Edessa in, and the tutor nowhere in sight.

In private meetings with the sorceress one could learn that the tutor had been in actuality an opportunistic wizard, who had taken Uratha’s money and put them in his own magical research. The wizard had allowed Edessa to grow as normal as a child like her could, trying out her powers at her own pace.

After returning to Kolmhaag, Edessa has been mostly keeping out of the way, trying to integrate back to the life where much is expected of her.

When Khariss died and the Daemon blessing that had kept Kolmhaag prosperous dissipated, Lord Uratha requested Edessa to perform a rite to contact the Daemons, aiming to plead that they would not allow Kolmhaag to crumble. Edessa, wary of her unwieldy magic, reluctantly performed the rite. As she listened to Uratha’s pleadings to the Daemon, she realized that it wanted a sorcerer to build a portal to allow the Daemons to invade and pillage. When Uratha agreed, Edessa felt something snap. The strain of the spell, combined with the realization that the sorcerer Uratha agreed to deliver would be her, was too much. Edessa felt the familiar sensation of pure, untamed magic lash out and fling her across the planes.

She found herself on a strange plane, alone and afraid. Not soon after she had gotten her bearings, the Daemons contacted her, offering to deliver her home should she agree to build their portal. Not wanting to allow innocent beings to suffer, she declined, setting in motion a chase that would continue across the planes.

Quite soon she stumbled across a lonesome planar traveler, Khava. The tiefling, for reasons he never directly shared, decided to help Edessa, sharing his knowledge and his skills. From him Edessa learned that the if she would die or return to the Center Plane, the Daemons could demand Uratha deliver another sorcerer to them. The Pact did not account for her own magic tearing herself free from the Daemons’ grasp, so as long as Edessa was within the Daemons reach, it was up to them to secure her.

So to protect her home, Edessa ran. The chase was exhausting, but not unfruitful: On Null, she felt her magic fade. The immense pressure that was bubbling underneath her skin, the pressure that could randomly erupt and spray chaotic magic everywhere was gone. She did not need to be afraid. While she was still being pursued, on Null she could be free from the biggest specter of her life.

Edessa Kiln

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