Alexha Rivan

Lady of Arry


Alexha is the well-liked leader of Arry. She is known as a kind-hearted and good-natured person who listens to everyone and tries to please everybody.

To help her make difficult choices when lives or safety is concerned, her assistant, the halfling Timothy, gives her his pragmatic perspective.

Along with Timothy, Alexha is often flanked with Kerach, an agent who does missions for her. It is a well-suspected fact that Kerach is smitten by the empathic noble.

When the Party met with Lady Alexha, she was optimistic about their task, only tempered by Timothy’s concerns. She asked if the Party could help them with the Sahuagin problem, and promised her full cooperation for the United Dusk Coast’s ambitions.

After the Baron Marram’s men came to arrest her for treason due to her associations, Kerach attempted to rescue her from captivity. In the end, his efforts only managed to free Timothy, and in the ensuing chaos Alexha was greatly wounded. She was brought to Duskport in coma.

Alexha Rivan

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