Unfolding the Shroud of Secrets

29th Session

The Party, saddened by Althaea’s decision to remain behind, was confronted by a worrisome sight: The northern hill of Trodgaf was alight with torches and a progression of orcs were marching towards Clan Kjus’ home. Glinish and Dulkan raced ahead to observe the group and head to the village before the orcs.

In the end, the progression was a small but serious group of greenskins, informing the villagers that Alahkoralithis, the dragon master of the orcs, demanded to know who killed their sentries in the tower. Dulkan, with his intense dislike of the beings, suggested the clan chiefs to inform the orcs that the party was heading to the western mountains, hoping that the griffins would kill the group. The gambit worked and the orcs left. The Party, not wanting to leave the village to suffer the consequences of their quest, decided to remain behind and observe the situation.

The next day, 21st of Shedding, the Party had discovered that the group of orcs had indeed been slain by the griffins; A reminder of the creatures’ fierce nature. They also had learned via a clandestine scouting trip, that the orcs were not massing to attack, but their stronghold was, in fact, a dragon’s citadel. They returned to the village to inform the clans that the orcs were not the threat; The dragon was. Knowing their vengeful nature, the Party suggested that the clans move south, where they could also find Adalrik’s Paradise, a haven for at least some.

As the village started packing, dejected, the Party also left back towards the Huntress. The journey took two days, which were filled mostly with travel and extrapolating the items they had collected. The first one they attempted was the fragment left in Khariss’ heart. The Extrapolator drew into the air a vision of a beautiful and terrifying glaive, gleaming gold and silver, blade impossibly sharp. The glaive was currently in a barrel filled with other impressively crafted weapons in various stages of disrepair. But there was a single dwarvish rune present in both the glaive and the tools on the barrel: Umura. Despite Dulkan’s knowledge of dwarvish clans in and out of Kolmhaag, the name eluded him. Regardless, now they had a name.

The next day they extrapolated another object: The hand Borel had found. It proved problematic for the divination device: It showed simultaneously a rotting hand that it was, a rotting yet walking corpse of Ixthoth, and also a golden chalice, encased in a lead box, shifting between the images, as if it couldn’t decide what the real rotting hand was. The information did not show anything helpful, except the nature of the phylactery of the Lich.

The arrival to Fargrave was also uneventful, and the Party was reunited with the Huntress and her crew. On the ship, as the Party was planning their next destination, Glinish sent a message to Thivaraxia, informing that they had found out a detail about hte Dragonslayer. Her answer was brief: She congratulated them and told them that she had something for them.

On the week-long voyage the Party extrapolated the rest of their intriguing items: The broken object held by the dwarf in the Hydra’s lair and the flying cloak. The object was a strange, round, book-like map, pointing out several points on the Realm… And other places. The cloak, however, proved to be a part of a huge, hollow bird-like machine, along with a ring they had found and the large fan. Drawing blueprints of the device, the wizards in Assarna could now construct it! With the rest of the time the Party attempted to extrapolate on Edessa, but she was still on the other side of the Void.

On the 30th of Shedding, the Huntress landed in Bowmeet. After a quick chat with the harbormaster they found out that the Patron of Shadow was slowly but surely taking over the city with the people’s support. Not wanting to interfere further with the politics, the Party headed directly for Thivaraxia’s lair. Inside, Thivaraxia received the party, pleased with their progress. She told them that she had discovered the existence of a magical object, used in the Age of War to attack the daemons: The Cubic Gate. One had survived the time, ending up in the dragon Karanox’s hoard. Daunted with the prospect of having to request or steal the Cubic Gate from Karanox, Thivaraxia offered her aid… Provided the Party find Umura and ask them about their involvement with the Dragonslayer.

Dulkan and Carric asked Thivaraxia with one more favour: They had one scroll with a messaging spell powerful enough to cross the boundaries of the planes written on it, and they required the assistance of a wizard to help Dulkan cast it. The dragon gave them access to one serving her, and so the party found themselves in a damp, improvised wizard laboratory, where one slightly unhappy arcanist was waiting. The process of learning to cast just the one spell took the entire evening, and finally Dulkan unleashed the magical energies from the words in the parchment. They proved too much, and the spell was miscast. Instead of sending his message to Edessa, he heard her thoughts for a brief moment:

…I hope he knows what he is doing, the distance is too far… Wait, that’s weird. Almost like… magic? But I’m not casting anything right…


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