The Weeping Cavern

32nd Session

The 7th of Descent dawned cold and rainy. After having spent the night at the Nailo Estate, the Party prepared for their journey to Kolmhaag and the dwarf territories below. Dulkan left to find Borel and Glinish, while Lady Antinua and Carric delved into Duskport’s library to find any accounts with similarities to Lady Alexha’s condition. Both endeavors ended in failure.

Both books and a bard dancer called Whirl being unable to shed light on Alexha’s situation, and the two mages returned to the Huntress, where Dulkan had found a worrisome fact: Borel had apparently knocked two sailors unconscious and left with the Assassin’s Boots and Ixthoth’s Ring. Glinish had given chase. Despite Dulkan’s efforts, neither was to be found.

After waiting one more day, the Party had to set sail, having now lost three members, although providence had brought Lady Antinua to them. By 9th of Descent they arrived to find Kolmhaag under siege by the greenskins to the east of the Weeping Mountain. The citizenry was united under Lord Uratha’s leadership to face their ancient enemy. But the Party had no time to spare for the battles of Kolmhaag, they needed to get deeper into the Depths. Dulkan’s mentor and friend Vulkan gave him a letter that would allow him access to the dwarven elevator that took them deep underground. Before boarding, they spent a lot of their fortune preparing for the trials and tribulations of the Depths and to arrange magical goods to be shipped to their wizard lair of Assarna.

The next day, 10th of Descent, they indeed descended. The elevator took them to a tunnel where strange fungus growing on the walls shed ultraviolet light, casting the Party in a strange glow. A short walk forward took them to the heart of Weisohl, a dwarf name for “The Weeping Cavern”. A humongous, egg-shaped cavern where a ball of reflective metal illuminated the entire room with warm light reminiscent of the Sun. The edges of the cave were circled by walkways and doors, and every surface was covered by either green plantings, rich tapestries or colourful paints. From two cave mouths, streams of water flowed down to the bottom, where a water reservoir lay, covered in lilies.

As they took the sights in, the Party planned their next move. They knew from Dulkan’s experience that the dwarven community was ruled by four Masters: Masters of Coin, Anvil, Pick and Pen, responsible for Trade, Smithing, Mining and Culture, respectively; The lifeblood of dwarven underground existence. Guided by a greeter, they headed first to Armen, the Master of Pen, figuring that the keeper of culture would know of dwarven myths. But as they approached the tattooed lady and asked their questions, she rebuffed them, evading their questions and challenging their motivations. Lady Antinua’s keen eye saw that she was concerned, but for what they could not find out. Eventually, she just left them with a dwarven guidance: Follow the money.

Puzzled by this, the Party retreated to their room in the expensive inn of Highsun. Finally, they had hit some sort of knowledge. Now that they knew that something was afoot, they decided to try Lady Antinua’s divinations. With a bit of on-the-fly-tweaking to her spells, she attempted to locate the same substance that the glaive tip was made from. They did: A small sliver, somewhere in the underground city. Without wasting time, Carric turned them invisible and the Party headed to find that sliver. It was found in an obscure museum of materials in the crafts district, a knife made from the golden silvery metal, with a name attached: Titangold. After a harrowing close call involving a scribe of some sort, the Party returned, just in time before the spell ended.

Now they were close. The truth of the Dragonslayer’s weapon was very, very close…


Samuli_Raninen Samuli_Raninen

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