The Vision in the Woods

9th Session

The Party began their plans at getting the help of the Druids by research. They scoured the Nailo estate library for any information on the Circle of the Spring, as they were called. They discovered a book about the subject, one that Carric immediately started poring over.

At the same time, Yaris Nailo arrived to the Moon on the Rise, along with Anthea. Both brought ill tidings; The Baron was tightening his grip on Duskport, and had probably already sent messages inviting some dragons to take over the region. Anthea’s divinations had too failed, both because of the chaotic times, and because of magical shields preventing scrying on the Marram. Time was indeed running short.

Still, there was hope. The Party found a particular quirk of the druidic circle; While the group was bickering and dissimilar, they adhered to their ancient rituals, a few of them which were described in the book. The Party prepared themselves and set off in the morning, bearing gifts in order to placate the druids. Borel had however went off hunting on his own, and was absent for the upcoming trek.

The next day, 26th of Sunburst, the Party arrived in the druid encampment. Soon they learned that the druids were difficult to negotiate with, as they liked to bicker with each other. But the gifts and proper guest rites brought them access to the Archdruid Cantheon, an impressive, scarred dragonborn.

The Party presented their ideals valiantly, but their message did not find roots in the Archdruid’s heart. The druids had lived for centuries alone in their woods, not disturbing and not being disturbed by anyone. Joining a grand upheaval would set a troubling precedent for their political independence. Just as the hope began to fade, the subject of the want of the nature spirits was brought up. The Archdruid sent the Party on a mission to commune with the spirits of the nature in the nearby sacred tree, clearly hoping that this doomed quest would discourage the envoy and send them back home. The Party accepted, hoping that this act would buy some trust from Cantheon.

So deeper into the woods they went. Adeptly navigating their way in the twisting pathways of the Emerald Forest, the Party eventually discovered a clearing with a totem overlooking a river flowing through and an impressive cliff face. After gathering the herbs needed for the communion ritual, the party traveled further as darkness fell. They happened upon another clearing, covered in unnatural mist. A faint sobbing was heard in the mist, giving the heroes a difficult choice: To investigate or to ignore? Eventually Althea’s keen eyes spotted an unnatural character in the fog, and the Party retreated, avoiding a potentially hazardous confrontation.

Afraid to further explore the dark, imposing forest, the party camped in the river clearing, eagerly awaiting for some sunlight. And as 27th of Sunburst dawned, Dulkan decided to climb the cliff to get a better view of the situation. Aided by Carric’s magic, his ascent was short. But at the top, he found only a path deeper south… And apparently garnered the ire of three flying creatures. With the body of a great raptor and the head of a stag, these Perytons descended upon the party. Only by the barrage of magic brought on by Althea and Carric were the creatures defeated, but not before they gave the Party a fright by nearly killing the elven bard. However, Althea proved to be stronger than what she seemed, as she rose up a couple of hours later, no worse for wear except for torn finery.

Meanwhile, Dulkan had braved the path behind the cliff alone, and found their goal: A serene circle of stones underneath a great tree. After Althea’s recovery, the Party arrived to the circle and performed the ritual. Despite every source being pessimistic about it working, the Party encountered a vision: Mishra’s sign, along with a great, white dragonic silhouette. After they woke, surprised at the shared vision, they also found a branch bearing the tree’s flower that had appeared as they dreamed.

The Party brought this branch back, utterly surprising the druids. Bound by the rites, the Archdruid stated that the Party had Mishra’s blessing. And while he was still uncertain whether they could join the new order, the druids promised to help. With this promise, and a druidic envoy, the Party returned, wondering about the significance of the vision…


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