The Mind Dominator

46th session

Exul was an aquatic, alien monster, yet intelligent and cunning. It spoke to the Heroes with a telepathic link, cruelly informing Khava that the favour had lost its value due to Edessa’s newfound high demand. Exul demanded a bigger favour; The King of a nearby merwyrm castle. Thoroughly disgusted by the creature and its demand, the Heroes faced a tense moment: To deny Exul’s offer was to invite trouble and conflict.

But Carric figured out a plan: He accepted the deal to bring the King to Exul… But under what circumstances, he purposefully neglected to describe. Exul, surprised but pleased, gave the Heroes a direction and let them go. After a short, uncomfortable swim, the Party found a small air pocket cave where they discussed their plan further. They would invite the King to play along so that they could then attack Exul and kill the beast, hopefully with support from the King’s soldiers. With this plan in mind, they headed on.

Soon enough the Party found the merwyrm kingdom: An impressive coral castle inside a huge stone bowl, illuminated by luminescencent pearls and fish. With Lady Antinua’s noble heritage the Party secured a meeting with the King… Only to find that the merwyrm accused Khava of kidnapping one of theirs to Exul! He was to face trial for his crime, and the Heroes agreed to defend him. As time was of the essence, the trial was organised very soon. While they waited, Khava described what had happened:

As he had been travelling Umbra, Khava discovered the smashed bodies of a couple of merwyrm, along with one who was badly injured. Going against his better judgement, he decided to try to help the wounded one, carrying her towards hopeful safety. He followed some lights and discovered Exul’s lair, where the creature attempted to dominate him with his mind. But Khava resisted, impressing the monster who in turn offered him favours should he hand the merwyrm to it. Not wanting to confront the creature, Khava agreed, stating that he would return for the favour later. As Exul did not object, Khava left, intending to never return unless the situation was dire.

Called in front of an elder of the kingdom, the Party gave a spirited defense against the prosecuting family member of the kidnapped merwyrm. They defended his actions and his character, both of which were called to question. In the end, their words saved their tiefling friend, whose judgement was to swim through the Clear Tunnel and be cleansed of his past actions. Khava did so, clearly affected by the experience… somehow.

Now they could discuss their plan towards defeating the evil Exul. The King was on board, seeing an opportunity to ascend into a legend as the king who defeated the evil monster in their border. The Party would take the King, rendered unconscious by a potion, to Exul. Carric would use his spells to pry the location of the entrance to Daemonis from the creature’s mind and after that the Party would attack it, while the merwyrm would seal off the exits from its lair.

The plan worked flawlessly. With spells and arrows the Party attacked the beast furiously and despite its best, lethal efforts, Exul fell. And best of all, Carric had the location of the Nexus path to Daemonis…


Samuli_Raninen Samuli_Raninen

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