The Blade and Rage

2nd Session

As the initial shock of seeing Khariss dead dissipated, the party investigated the lair. It seemed that she fought something… or someone. This someone managed to slay her with apparently a weapon strike to the heart. The only other clue of the killer was the tip of a weapon, made from silvery, brassy metal. Nothing else. Nothing was taken, nothing was left.

The party, worried that the event would attract attention of something larger than themselves, claimed some of the treasures for themselves, for various motives, and left the lair. Everyone took a scale from Khariss’ as a proof of her death, Borel going as far as filling a waterskin with her blood, which he also tasted. They hid a lot of gold and some valuables beneath a lightning-struck tree and made a map of it.

Now became the question of the next move. After an evening’s worth of speculation, the party decided to head to Kolmhaag, in order to secure a faster transport back to Duskport. On the way they noted that no-one was any wiser of the fate that had befallen Khariss. After a tiring and dangerous journey through the night the party finally arrived to Kolmhaag. As Dulcan belonged to the Kiln family, securing a boat was of no trouble.

Before the party left Kolmhaag, however, Althea decided to spread what they learned to the local nobles, in order to combat rumours and as a safeguard for whatever might happen. The nobles of Kolmhaag, excluding lord Uratha Kiln himself, had a rather sudden change of heart as they thought about the ramifications of Khariss’ death. Borel also managed to divulge the information, though his subjects were the employees of a local brothel.

On the long, restful boat journey the mages of the party examined the fan they had found among the Kobolds. It had inscriptions in an unknown language, albeit with a translation to Dragonic. A command word that would activate the magic inside, and also something that seemed like a code. Carric didn’t know the language, but from the city far to the north from Dusk Coast, Bowmeet, they would probably find someone who knows.

On the 8th morning of Sunburst the Party returned to Duskport, as discreetly as possible. They arranged for an audience with the most important members of the Council of Duskport: Baron Goran Marram, Lady Ashinka Drusia, Lord Uratha Kiln, Sir Morgath Kuon and Yaris Nailo. The meeting did not go well: Despite Althea’s best efforts, after learning that Khariss had died, Baron Goran flew to rage, imprisoning the Party to the dungeon and assaulting them with sorcerous magic when they resisted!

Almost as soon as the Party were taken to the dungeon beneath Duskport, Lady Ashinka Drusia came down to meet them. She heard their tale and apologised for the Baron’s behalf. She told them that she smelled an opportunity and that she would have use for the Party. And, true to her word, the Party was soon transferred to her manor, their possessions returned. The Party set down, awaiting for what next day would bring…


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