49th Session

It was a moment of grief for the Party. Carric had perished in the fight against Beligandir, and despite Althaea’s magic, they could not rouse him back to life. After giving their respective eulogies, the Party built a litter with which to carry his body to the invisible village they had previously traveled through.

The village took the Party in, paying their respects to the fallen friend with their own silent ways. Asking about a place to bury Carric, the invisible beings informed them of a group of pyramids beyond a hill. Khava, Lady Antinua and Dulkan hiked to the curious pyramids that were built with supreme craftsmanship, where the dead were laid on top. There their flesh was eaten by beautiful, ethereal butterflies which were sadly too invisible.

But as the group was investigating his last resting place, Carric stirred back in the village. With a pained gasp for air, the Party’s trusted sorcerer sage had returned to the realm of the living. Althaea, standing vigil over his body, rushed to soothe his pains, overjoyed at this miraculous return. And when the rest of the Party came back, Carric could himself deliver the good news… And what he had seen.

According to his tale, he had been awakened from a thoughtless state by a being, who offered him a chance to live. As Carric agreed, the being had expressed hope that Carric would use his second chance to bring down that who had climbed high over the others… The Guardian. To give him an extra incentive, the being reached inside Carric and removed his memories of Edin, his mentor and unfulfilled love, stating that a way to get them back would be to fulfill the being’s desire. After this, it had summoned another one, who took Carric to another place, where he ascended again to oblivion… And to life.

Despite the mysteries, the Party refused to ponder on them, and instead they decided to feast on the best rations they could muster, play, sing and dance. The sounds of merriment were silently accentuated by the villagers joining the dance, spots of playful light circling and framing the Heroes who let their minds rest. An additional pleasant surprise was had: Renee, their lucky pony who had survived the terrors of the planes, spoke that he enjoyed their dancing. Apparently the power of Arcanis had awakened the pony’s mind, which was now enjoying the music and party for the first time.

After a thorough rest from their celebration the Party turned somber again. Edessa, now free from her obligations, wished for one last favor from the Party: To be brought to Null, where she could be safe from her own, chaotic power. This request framed the Party’s conversation: What next? Clearly some forces, maybe even the Divines, wanted the Party to enter conflict with the Dragonslayer. But for what purpose? And would the Party even want to fight the woman, who was doing the right thing, albeit from her perspective?

Eventually they decided to continue to follow the message that was in the cylinder that had been instrumental in the defeat of Beligandir: Seek the Celestial Sea. But to do that, they would need to return to Umbra, where they would find the power to go there, maybe even to return back to the Realm. On their way, they would leave Edessa and Khava to Null and close this chapter of their adventures.


Samuli_Raninen Samuli_Raninen

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