14th Session

After the chaos in Kolmhaag had died down, the Party waited for Borel to arrive… and prepared. Carric dug deep into the daemonology books found from the secret chamber of the castle, Althea kept a close eye on Uratha’s mental being, unforgiving of his errors, and Dulkan wandered through his erstwhile home, soaking in the changes. He had finally cast off his family name, and was no longer a Kiln.

The hunt for more knowledge on Beligandir took the Party to Belelien, a resolute archivist. While she could name the book that the tomes were referring to, the Catalogue of Daemons, she did not know where it was stored, as forbidden lore was routinely collected from the bookkeepers and archivists. Her speculations were fruitful, however. They brought the Party’s attention to the Tomb of Salaris that lie in the Hallowed Halls, a holy resting place for Kolmhaag’s heroes. The occupant of this tomb did not exist, according to the archivist’s book.

As Dulkan had prepared the equipment for the journey at 12th of Reaping, Borel arrived… In the ship Lady Ashinka Drusia had promised them! Sleek and freshly painted, the ship was yet unnamed, waiting for the Party to give it a title. But this decision had to wait, for the Party left for the Hallowed Halls. All apart from Althea, who did not trust Uratha.

As the rest of the party hiked in the cliffs of the Weeping Mountains, soaking in the sights, they came across a grave threat: A troll that attempted to ambush them in the narrow path on the cliff! But thanks to Dulkan’s recollections of the legends surrounding the creatures, the Party knew of the dangerous brute’s weakness: Fire. Wielding his torch, Dulkan suppressed the creature’s regenerative abilities while Borel and Carric hacked and blasted at it. It was ultimately Carric’s staff that dazed the creature long enough for Borel to light it on fire and scattering its ashes in the wind.

Severely injured, the Party arrived to the solitary tower that hosted the Watchers, a group of old dragonborn who kept watch in the mountains for trouble. The only one left was Tiax, who allowed the Party to rest at his fireplace. On the next morning, the 13th of Reaping, the Party requested permission to enter the Halls to search for answers. They received it and left to find the Tomb of Salaris. Eventually they found a solitary tomb, sporting a massive stone door with ornamental keyholes. Thanks to Borel’s might, the Party entered the tomb, which was eventually revealed to be a vault. Evading the dangers within, the Party found several wondrous and worrisome objects. The lure of Ochrana was too great and the Party took everything: Magical boots, sporting skeletal motifs that completely silenced footsteps on all ground. A grand cloak that transformed into wings for the user that bore a suspicious resemblance to the great fan the Party had found earlier. The Mountain Carver, a legendary sword blessed by Ochrana. An obsidian statue of a demon. A bag of gold crowns bearing the image of old and now-forgotten dragons. And Catalogue of Demons, the book they were searching for.

With these windfalls the Party returned back to Kolmhaag on the 14th of Reaping to plan their next move…


Samuli_Raninen Samuli_Raninen

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