Intrigue Under the Sun

33rd Session

After confirming the existence of Titangold, the Party decided to spend the rest of the day poring over the books in the library and following Armen, the Master of Pen on the chance she would attempt something. But all of her time went to organizing the remaining work of the evening’s mighty event: The 200-year anniversary of the artificial sun of Weisohl. The books told very little, except for the metals that Titangold was an alloy of: A hard yet brittle metal called titanbone and gold.

The Party watched the preparations for the anniversary celebrations unfolding while they planned their next move. After most of the speeches had been made and the mirror lowered into the light cup, creating an ultraviolet-laden dusk. Before they could make their move though, they were presented with a surprising yet joyful sight: Althaea arrived from the elevator!

The elven bard told them her tale: Soon after the Party had left Adalrik’s Paradise, the people from Trodgaf valley began arriving. Althaea helped and instructed them to take care of the gardens and the buildings. But then came a different arrival: An injured griffin, brandishing several orc scalps. With Althaea’s help, the griffin was healed, and with no other contenders, the chieftain of Kjus gave him the crown. With its power the griffin king could communicate by thought, telling Althaea a worrisome story: The white Dragon Alahkoralithis had attacked the pride, scattering the griffins to the four winds while looking for the Party. Farpounce, which the had been called, was a loyal, brave and somewhat simple-minded creature, so he had continued doing what he thought was important: Kill orcs and become King.

Althaea, figuring that the Paradise was safer if she left for somewhere else, asked Farpounce to take her back home to Melenne. With nothing else to do, the griffin agreed and the pair took to the skies. After a cold and windy journey, with only stops for resting and feasting on a deer, they arrived in the Nailo Estate. Bade gave them a warm welcome, and a letter from Anthea, instructing Althaea to go to Kolmhaag if she wanted to rejoin the Party. Despite the inviting rest and recuperation that the Moon on the Rise promised, Althaea continued to Kolmhaag, where she was further instructed by Vulcan to take to the Depths, where the Party had gone. She did and her search was over.

Now again reunited, the Party began working. With Althaea’s dancing and pleasant discourse, they managed to make an impression on Karl, the Master of the Anvil. They invited him to their quarters and asked him about Titangold, showing the Dragonslayer’s glaive tip. Seeing the material roused his suspicions which Carric obfuscated by insinuating that they were rogue wizards. Apparently satisfied by the answer, Karl explained that while he knew about Titangold, they couldn’t forge it in Weisohl. Based on his sincere outlook, the Party decided that he probably didn’t know anything about the clandestine veil surrounding Umura.

Their next plan was to use Antinua’s divinations and try to locate any outgoing Titanbone crates. The wizard’s trail led them to a warehouse which she infiltrated by transforming into mist. From there, she found a guarded wagon belonging to a dwarf named Rhuben Ariman, containing gold coins with Avarothul’s visage and masks worn by the Followers of the Guardian. After delivering the information to the Party, she learned that Avarothul was the second dragon who had fallen to the Dragonslayer.

With this information the Party joined a group of rowdy traders who were enjoying the evening. With clever banter they managed to find and talk with Rhuben, who attempted to oust the Party by a code phrase. With an incredibly insightful, not to mention lucky, guess by Dulkan, aided by Althaea, they managed to slip past Rhuben’s guard. Soon after he left for his office, where Antinua followed. An intense discussion followed where Rhuben slipped that he was taking orders from Umura and at least co-operated with the Followers of the Guardian, but unfortunately Antinua’s careful approach was rebutted and Rhuben directed her to talk to her superiors.

Despite this setback, now they had their target. After Rhuben had left for his home, the Party investigated his office, aided by the mages’ magics. From inside they found several hidden work agreements and a permanent, confidential reservation of a steam room and a suite in The Melting Sorrow, a public bath.

As midnight was rapidly approaching, the Party infiltrated the bathhouse, eventually finding a room with a drunk dwarf named Dolmyr inside. Antinua changed her appearance and talked with him, expecting again a battle of wits. But Dolmyr was not a subtle person. Drunk as he was, he bragged about being the caravan leader who brings supplies to Umura. With a clever usage of cards and her wits, Antinua managed to easily gain the location and the directions to the workshop of the legendary dwarven smith.

Finally, the way to their goal was clear.


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