Carric's Curiosity

43rd Session

Carric, more liberal with his curiosity than his compatriots, browsed the Citadel of Secrets. A lot of what he was searching for were information about magical knowledge, which were things the Citadel did not collect.

But this search led the sorcerer to Ixthoth, the lich. Desiring to know where he resided, Carric discovered a ruined castle somewhere in Snogaard where the lich had set his workspace. Another important secret was the fate of Ixthoth’s phylactery: The lich had placed it in a lead box and sunk it in a stone cylinder whose destiny was apparently a ship. As that was the last secret about the phylactery, maybe it’s eventual resting place was in the bottom of the sea somewhere. The last secret that Carric allowed himself privy to was that of a young boy, bringing stolen wine to a outcast drunkard, asking him to bring the boy’s cat back.

Next was Thivaraxia and her dealings. The only worthwhile secret that Carric discovered was a glimpse into her most recent plans: Healing in her lair, Thivaraxia was coming to grips with the fact that she most likely had lost the Party. They were either dead or not coming back to her aid. But since the Dragonslayer was growing in power somehow, she would need a new ally. And she happened to have narrowed down the location of a powerful undead wizard…

After exhausting her list of important figures, Carric went to his personal memories. He seeked out his father’s feelings when Carric left: He was glad, but for himself or his son he could not say. The only thing he was missing was his human wife, whose hectic life made existence interesting.

And finally, Carric wanted to know what Edin, his mentor and teacher, thought. Edin held only one secret from the sorcerer: That he wanted to love him more as a lover than a father. But that was a secret he took to his grave.

Despite the temptations to find out more secrets; Of his companions, his family and others, Carric pulled himself away and returned to the entryway and the party could consolidate all the information they had found. They also decided on their next path: Towards Daemonis, where they had a meeting with Beligandir…


Samuli_Raninen Samuli_Raninen

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