A Crazy Alchemist

51st Session

Now that the Party was in Umbra, their next problem was to find the place Lady Antinua had seen in her vision; The secret how to go to the Celestial Sea. Without any guidance, they allowed Zariss to guide them. This time, however, Antinua was prepared: She had developed a spell that allowed the entire party to breathe water, which made traversing the watery depths of Umbra much, much easier.

Their wanderings found them a huge kelp forest, with singular kelp leaves long and thick like massive trees. Among the roots of the plants was a veritable graveyard of eaten and digested bones, suggesting the presence of a dread beast. However, with Althaea’s skills the Party harnessed the skulls still intact and learned that there was a settlement near a “Violet Sun”, which was not too far away. The Party swam to discover this object.

Indeed, the Violet Sun existed and was as curious as many other things in the planes. The ball radiated transmutative energies, so the Party had to skirt around it, seeking people to talk to. Luckily, they found one. From a strange device set up to capture the radiating energies in some strange silk strands, the Party deduced the location of a smaller air dome. Inside was a strange and even somewhat frightening woman, clad in fish scale tights, greenish ragged hair, heterochromatic eyes and scaly skin who welcomed the group, after making sure they were not hostile. The rather unhinged woman introduced herself as Nuoja, an alchemist. After enjoying her “tea”, the Party managed to glean the location of a nearby city called Edelweis, and that the group the Party were looking for were a cult called Gatekeepers who collected powerful transplanar magics to “protect the Divines”.

Determined to continue forward after the eccentric woman’s tales, the Party left towards the nearby settlement. However, Carric, interested in her trade, exchanged some of his Dust of Dryness for the recipe of an alleged elixir of life…


Samuli_Raninen Samuli_Raninen

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