A world ruled by Dragons

In a world shaped in the image of the Dragonic divines, an unfortunate group of tributaries are thrust in an adventure that will shake the foundations of everything they know!

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Next game at 7.5., 16:00

Be sure to check out the maps tab for the Dusk Coast region map, made with Inkarnate!

If you purchase anything for the game, bring receipts! I’ll be filling Kuudes Rinki-forms!

Jani Lappalainen will be joining us while Murat is doing his thesis (good luck with it, Murat!)

Thank you for Sirpa, Juho and Murat for the log entries!


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Write here what you would like to give/receive inspiration from!

Sirpa – Althaea:
I like to encourage people to find new ways to express their character’s core motivation (and objectives) and character traits, and try to award inspiration from new and interesting things that they do. In order to do this, I would like to know what the core motivation and character traits of a character are.

For my character, Althaea, her core motivations are diplomacy and being a bard. I interpret this so that Althaea is a negotiator who specifically wishes to advance the goal of dragon-free rule of Dusk Coast by enforcing the image of supremacy of the tributaries; also to make father proud of her diplomatic skills. Bard side of Althaea’s character I interpret as an encourager and inspirer; this will be expressed especially in between-character –relationships (player and NPC). Althaea will aid, cure, inspire and negotiate.

My take on my character is that I will attempt to express it in everything my character does (i.e. expressing character-traits and core motivation in advancing the plot, not necessarily by taking moments outside the main narrative). This might be difficult to pick up. Thus, I would like to be awarded inspiration for succeeding especially well in some of the following:
1. Developing between-character –relationships and maintaining good party coherence; 2. Bard – aid, inspire, encourage and entertain; 3. Diplomacy: negotiations and eloquent flattery; 4. family is important; 5. advancing the end goal of dragon-free rule of Dusk Coast by enforcing the image of supremacy of the tributaries (especially not directly but through more subtle diplomacy, for example as aiding word-of-mouth). Finally, I like to incorporate things from world descriptions and previous gaming sessions to create continuity. This would be nice to be recognized as well.

I will use inspiration for getting as high initiative as possible to be able to aid in battle; otherwise in perception in exploration, and persuasion in diplomatic negotiation.


I like to see characters express themselves in idiomatic ways, especially when facing important decisions. On the other hand, I also enjoy see them grow, develop and show new sides of themselves, perhaps even going against their instincts if the situation requires it. I’d like to give and receive inspiration when such things happen.

Some words about Dulkan:

Despite all his training, he doesn’t have much life experience due to the protective attitude of Lord Uratha, his adoptive father. He thinks the life of a nobleman is full of undeserved liberties and luxuries on the one hand and burdensome duties, restrictions and pointless codes of conduct on the other, and he yearns to be free from all that. He dreams of freedom, but he has perhaps a rather naïve conception of what it means. In his adolescent years, he used to fantasize about being an independent gentleman of wealth, respected and liked among the people, or a carefree rogue who could roam the rooftops at night and smile at the little worker ants below. He still has those ideas in the back of his mind. You might see him fraternize with ordinary people to an unusual degree for a man of noble upbringing. And from time to time he likes to display his acrobatic talents just for the sheer fun of it. Dulkan might have delusional views of the common folks as inherently good-natured ol’ chums who all adore his down-to-earth charisma, and his daredevilish antics are definitely immature.

Just before the Tribute to Khariss set forth from Duskport, he learned that he had been adopted into the Kiln family for the express purpose of being used as a sacrifice to the dragon. The death of Khariss felt like being released from a prison. His purpose was fulfilled. Now he could finally have his freedom by severing ties to the Kilns. Dulkan felt that everyone should be free in this way, so when the idea of a dragon-free rule arose, he found his calling.

I’m trying to play Dulkan’s character with all the above in mind. I’m interested in seeing how he grows as a person, how he resolves his issues with the Kiln family and how his ideas of freedom (and responsibility) and the dragon-free rule manifest and mature. But I’m also constantly inventing new little things about Dulkan’s past that might have an effect on what he decides to do. Throw some inspiration my way when I’m doing this sort of thing.