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The world is a place of compromise. Safety and oppression. Power and subservience. Freedom and risk.

A Dragon is the image of a god. As Io, the creator god, has made everything in his image, thus are the Dragons the supreme beings. And they know it.

The world’s creation.


History of Civilization

The civilization, which was founded by the backs of dragonborn, humans, elves and dwarves, knows three ages: Age of Splendor, Age of War and Age of Dawn.

Here are the cliffnotes.

Regions and locations

Dusk Coast

Dusk Coast contains the Domain of Khariss, which includes Duskport, one of the largest cities in the coast.

Domain of Khariss


Drylands is the region east of the Weeping Mountains.

Steel Plains
Barrens of Dovrak


The huge landmass to the north of the Eastern Passage is called Snogaard. The lands become cold and inhospitable further north, and thus are the homes to some smaller domains and wild settlements.

Fargrave Peninsula

The Still Sea

The Still Sea is at the end of the Eastern Passage, or at the start of the Western Passage, depending on the speaker.


The Dragon Divines

The world is overseen by the Dragon Divines, the gods of the Realms. Most of the people are polytheistic, worshiping multiple Divines.

The descriptions of the divines.

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