Lore of Dragonrealm

Dragonrealm is mostly based on standard D&D-stuff, but with several features that come from the world being built by dragons.


Description of the most common races in Dragonrealm


Spoken languages of Dragonrealm

The two of the most common languages are High Dragonic and Low Dragonic.

Additionally, some subgroups have their own languages.

Dragon Divines

The pantheon of Dragonrealm has 8 Dragon Divines, each responsible of a part of the world in their own way.

Dragon Divines


There are two primary sources of magic in the Universe: Divine and Arcane. Additionally, there is the power of music, and some other, more esoteric sources.

Divine Magic

Arcane Magic

People who tap into Divine Magic actually channel the innate creative will of a Divine, be it a Dragon Divine, or according to some rumours, another being of the same power. Divine Magic is a gift from the Divine(s), awarded for exceptional service and dedication. It is what differentiates a common priest from a true Cleric, or a valorous knight from a true Paladin.

Treasures and coinage

Coins of the Dusk Coast

After the Age of Splendor the world was full of gold coins, masterful artworks, mined and carefully cut jewels. During the Age of War, a lot of these treasures that weren’t secured by the dragons were lost to forgotten ruins and distant dungeons.


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