Fargrave Peninsula

Fargrave is a valley-filled area in the south-east corner of Snogaard. More hospitable than the far north, Fargrave is the home to several smaller towns and the larger capital city that shares name with the area.

City of Fargrave

The city of Fargrave is a spawling and sturdy city. Originally larger and more impressive, seasonal storms that flood the east coast have forced the city to reshape itself. The rugged nature of the city is reflected in its inhabitants: Strength and self-reliance are valued traits. With ships built in the shipyards in the Fjusturn valley, many denizens of Fargrave engage in raiding ships around the Still Sea.

Dragon of Fargrave

The current dragon of Fargrave is Mathurak. A red dragon who meticulously keeps his territory clean of the threats of the north. Mathurak keeps an Arena in the city of Fargrave, where warriors can prove their worth to him and be accepted in the larger raids against Mathurak’s neighbors.


The center of Fargrave has several mountainous ridges crossing through it, dividing the landscape into valleys. Before the war, these valleys housed several towns, with a trading road leading to the north-west. Now the towns are mostly abandoned and tribes of wild people fight over the land with orcs and monsters. Sometimes a younger dragon seizes a territory for themselves, but the nomadic and relatively poor nature of the people tend to drive them away very soon.


A valley north of Fargrave city, Fustjurn is of special interest to the ruling dragons because of the peoples’ knowledge of shipbuilding and the yards along the Skoj-river. Safe from monster attacks due to Mathurak’s thorough interests, the valley is peaceful and daily life has changed little in the last few decades.


Ambirk is the valley west of Fargrave city. Ambirk has survived the passage of time quite well, as the coastal storms haven’t been able to weather the area down and it has been central in the older provinces. A place that is easy to farm, Ambirk is a source of stable food for most of the region. Several smaller farming settlements dot the landscape, safe from threats apart from the occasional cow or sheep disappearing into the gullet of the local ruler.


One of the two valleys near the center of Fargrave along with Trodgaf. Mungraf is on the edge of Mathurak’s territory. As such, only the most bold and rugged people live in the area, either in the Trader’s Fork, or in the hunting cabins. The trading road leading to the ruins in the center of Mungraf mostly gets its traffic from hunting parties, traders from the wilds and the rare explorer seeking fortunes in the hidden nooks and crannies of Fargrave.


Trodgaf is on the other side of river Yorm. Many of its towns and structures are now lost to time, the paths and fields now overgrown with conifers. Trodgaf is home to some clans of wildlanders, who occasionally trade with Mungraf.

Lake Eul

Lake Eul, in the western edge of Fargrave, houses several fishing villages on its crystal-clear lakes whose rivers flow into the Still Sea. As the area is not specifically important, the only dragon keeping the area in check is Alakorahlithis, a young white one.

Fargrave Peninsula

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