Bowmeet is a ring-shaped group of islands north of Dusk Coast. A bustling trading city, almost rivaling Duskport in volume. Bowmeet is a free city, under no dragonic rule. The leader of the city is the Doge, an elected noble who ensures that nothing disturbs the city. Their duty also is to keep the unsavory elements, such as pirates, mercenaries and outlaws, in check.

Along with the endless warehouses and ports, Bowmeet houses the University of Bowmeet. Collecting information and knowledge from passers-by, as well as housing wizards and arcane students of all types, the University of Bowmeet is a surprisingly prestigious institution.

One of the most notorious criminals in the Bowmeet underground is the Patron of Shadow. Shrewd and mysterious, he has been a thorn in the side of the law. No-one has seen the Patron, merely his agents.

Several weeks after Khariss’ death, Bowmeet has been become the battleground between the Followers of Guardian and the Dragon Divines’ servants.


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