Return to the Realm
56th Session

Tired, the Party ascended the stairs that led them to Zandath. On top of the castle was a round room, surrounded by cabinets, bookcases and tables, and opposite the staircase was an ornate chair. On it sat a white Dragonborn, his skin wound tight and its scales curled and dried. His eyes were glowing red dots that observed his guests. With a grand gesture he welcomed the travelers to his home and summoned servants who brought seats.

Zandath, apparently without even a hint of remorse or apology, asked the Party to share their story. As they nearly died to this being’s fancies, they were understandably not very sociable. What Althaea and Antinua managed to ascertain about the being was that he was ancient, fed on pure life force of others and was bored. Not wanting to give any information to this being of unknowable motives, the Party was mum. This disappointed Zandath, who with a flair of annoyance, delivered on his promise. Opening a secret path on the floor, he took them deep down to a very forlorn cavern. Dozens and dozens of shadows, lost souls, were desperately trying to claw their way into a space in the middle, separated by a high metallic cage. From a bridge from above one could drop down into the space, and that is what Zandath suggested before leaving the Party to their own devices. One by one they dropped down into the cage, evading the shadow claws, and they found themselves in another, dark space.

That space turned out to be a divination room in a tomb. The tomb, holding the remains of a powerful warrior of old, was itself in the Neptek desert, near the Than river, in the southernmost edge of the Still Sea. Near the domain of Nidhi, Lady Antinua’s home. As they beheld the Sun staring down at them from familiar skies, the Party let out a collective sigh: They were back home. The cold air and the Highmoon told them that it was the 10th of Silence, almost middle of winter. But this south, the winter merely translated to cold night air.

It was two days when they arrived in the city of Nidhi itself: A stony, geometrically pleasant city in the deltas of Than. Canals separated the buildings and small gondolas ferried nobles and wealthy people from building to building… And from a coal-warmed brazier to another. While Dulkan left to find stables for Reneé, the rest of the Party traveled to Marquis Thahka’s chambers. There they found the jewel-laden Dragonborn sitting near a huge floor-mounted brazier and cololurful silks. The Marquis welcomed the Party, providing them some information on what had been happening: In Dusk Coast the Guardian had revealed her existence to the general public, inspiring the Followers of the Guardian to spread far and wide. Even here, over a thousand miles away from Dusk Coast, their presence was causing trouble with the clerics and paladins.

Now the Party had a week to plan their next move, as it was the time it would take for the Huntress to arrive. If all went well, that is…

55th Session

Lady Antinua’s cube brought the party on a hilltop road. Shadowfell was a bleak place; Rocky, barren and lifeless. The sun was faintly glowing from the grey skies, struggling to get past the dark clouds. Colours themselves seemed to have bled out, apart from the Party, who were still brightly lit. The gravelly road the Party stood on led to a foreboding forest behind them… And to the other side, over a black river to a jagged, uninviting castle sitting on top of a cliff. The cliff was the only place in the vicinity that could conceivably contain a place known as the Bleak Caverns, so they headed out.

As they came to the river, they found one of the plane’s inhabitants: A shadow-like being. It was following the riverbed, ambling along. The Party after a brief debate decided to engage the shadow in conversation. It barely acknowledged them and could not identify itself, only explaining that it was heading towards the castle on the cliff because it was “calling”. The shadow floated along the ground, more briskly than the Party, so very soon it had disappeared into the dim distance.

The Party soon came to a crossroad: The main path headed directly towards the cliff, while there was another, smaller, more disused side road that ascended the cliff to the side. By Zariss’ whim they decided to take the smaller path, which precariously took them to the castle proper, which seemed less like it had been built and more like it had been dreamed into existence: Jagged parapets and sharp towers made the castle very uninviting. But still, they braved inside, heading over the drawbridge and through the main door.

The antechamber was round, dark and contained very grim imagery along with one raised door and an iron maiden in the middle. As they stepped inside, a voice boomed from somewhere above, introducing himself as Zandath and demanding to know who had trespassed into his realm. Listening to the Party’s introduction, Zandath offered them a choice: Either leave his realm or entertain him. After protests and explanations that the Party sought the Bleak Caverns the being offered and additional incentive: Entertain him and he will allow them to pass the dangers of the place they sought. With that, the doors began to close by themselves, forcing the Party to make a decision. They stayed.

When the door closed, the ceiling began to rumble. Sharp tall spikes lowered from small holes in the tiles and the whole ceiling began to slowly descent. The Party dashed to the door on the other side of the antechamber, finding it opening inwards and being sternly closed. As the mages prepared their spells to get out of the situation, Dulkan took the chime he had found from Null and tried it on the door. A slow metallic screech rang, followed by the thud of something heavy hitting the floor on the other side; The bar that kept the door closed had moved! Quickly, the Party opened the door and dashed inside.

The nature of Zandath’s “entertainment” was now clear. The next room on the next floor of the castle contained a statue-filled corridor, which was trapped to the brim. This became apparent after Antinua stepped on a pressure plate that peppered the party with poison needles. Not willing to brave the many hidden traps, the Party used their foldable hole and Althaea’s magic to move beyond the next door, which was a disappointment to their “host”.

As they further ascended to the roof of the castle, they found several dark statues peppered with rain, and another drawbridge to another tower, this one the highest in the castle. Seemingly bored with trying to inconvenience the party with traps, Zandath sent their “dance partners” to test them: On the drawbridge, four strange characters climbed around them silently and attacked: Dragonborn and men, all with ashen skins and scales, sharp claws and teeth and eyes glowing malevolent red. A violent, desperate battle ensued. The beings seized their victims and bit into them, sucking vitality away and leaving behind emptiness. They barely slew three of them with spells and Dulkan’s fiery rapier, and the last one they flung to the darkness below by wrapping it into an animated statue, courtesy of Althaea.

Tired and injured, they could hear the amused and elated approval of Zandath, who was undoubtedly waiting for them on the top of the tower…

The Dragon Divines
54th Session

With everything ready, Lady Antinua cast the Conceptual Reinforcement over the Party. Now protected against the transformative effects of the planes, the Party swam and in Carric’s case, walked into the fog. It thickened around them, enveloping each of the planar wanderers, with the only sound the splashing of water. But soon enough the fog evaporated and the sounds faded into faint echoes. The landscape was milky white, with strands of errant thoughts and concepts floating past and the Party were floating, or rather, existing in some sort of void. They had entered the Celestial Sea.

It was like a mathematical formula without any numbers. There was the idea of gravity, but nothing that it pulled towards. There were concepts of objects and theories, but each one without matter. Althaea’s musics existed when she hummed them, but the sounds itself broke into melodies, then notes, then waves, then nothing. An errant fleck of ink from Carric’s pen left the shimmering field surrounding the Party and then evaporated into a theory. Truly, the Celestial Sea was a strange and unforgiving place.

But the Party was here on purpose and the protective spell wouldn’t hold forever. Dulkan shouted into the void, calling the Divines who supposedly lived there. His mind first went to Ashanti, the one in whose temple he was judged back in Duskport. Without form, Dulkan saw in his mind the symbol of Ashanti, the torch with a sword hilt. This thought faintly swirled in the space without space in front of him… then solidified. A majestic temple, with endless pillars and a hard stone floor came onto being and the Party found themselves standing in it. And in front of them appeared from nothing a massive torch, with an orange leaping flame dancing on it. And it spoke, with a booming voice like rumbling thunder:

You have arrived.

Realization dawned and Dulkan found himself falling to his knees in awe. The rest were dumbstruck while their inner skepticism tried to deflect the fact that they were in the very presence of one of the Divines. Ashanti gave Dulkan permission to rise and he asked where the other ones were. The Divine stated that he had called Ashanti first. Realizing this, Dulkan then besought Mishra to arrive. And immediately a flaming sphere exploded among the pillars, spreading sky around and radiating pleasant, summer-like warmth. Mishra had arrived, greeting the Party warmly. And she called the rest.

It was a swirl of power as the Divines came, one by one, and surrounded the Party. They brought with them their aspects, transforming the empty void into a paved hilltop with vistas of different places of the Realm. The Divines surrounded the Party, transforming into their canonical forms. Cruxis, a blue dragon on top of a small metal tower. Mishra, a golden dragon on a small lively glade. Nissha, a green dragon on a warm clifftop with a single fruit tree growing on it. Zariss, a bronze dragon sitting on a crossroads. Ochrana, a red dragon on top of a mound of gold. Sithrahk, a white dragon on a withered tree. Quirion, a black dragon inside a perpetual shadow. Ashanti, a silver dragon standing proud on top of a throne.

With little formality, the Divines dived into the matter at hand: Why the Party was here. It turned out that the Divines had bent their mutual rules to give incentives and signs pointing the Party to the Celestial Sea for one purpose: To ask them to kill the Dragonslayer.

Divine Essence, the power Thera Ser had learned of and started to gather to turn into the Guardian, was an even more profound feature of the world than even the Divines. According to them, any being that could collect enough Essence could ascend and join the ranks of the Divines. But the Dragonslayer had expressed her fanatic decision to kill them, a feat that seemed to be possible, seeing the Divines’ implied concern. Their claim was that even if just one of them would fall, some of the domains holding the Realm together would be masterless, precipitating the entire world into an age no-one could predict.

While Ashanti at least expressed confidence of their prowess against the Dragonslayer’s plans, it became apparent that the Divines would not directly interfere with any mortal affairs. That is why they could not directly oppose the Dragonslayer, nor could they help nor command the Party. They were under no obligation to do anything the Divines asked them to do. The decision to traverse the planes to the Divines’ home was the Party’s own.

But before accepting the Divines’ request, the Party had one major question: How did the Divines decide which ascendant would they oppose and which they would allow to face them as equals? As Carric asked the question, he saw something few would have believed in the dragonic divine faces: Doubt. It was a debate that the Divines have never resolved, and one that would not ever be, as the group of eight seemed to be in a stalemate. Their answer was that for the moment it would be a case-by-case-basis.

This, however, prompted the Divines to ask the Party a question in return: Would they oppose the Divines? Did they have prospects of grandeur and godhood? Dulkan merely wanted to be left to his own devices. Lady Antinua was satisfied so long as the Divines continued to govern well. Carric too was disinterested in divine matters. Althaea understood that the world operated on a balance; Each Divine pulled and shaped the world in their own image, the net effect being that the world was in harmony. So she too, saw that the Divines’ order was good. This pleased the Divines.

With their primary matter exhausted, Carric used the opportunity to ask the one question that haunted him for a reason he did not remember: Do sorcerers have a dragon’s soul? As an answer, Mishra and Sithrakh explained that the soul is a container for the Divine Essence. There are many different kinds of souls, some with their own properties. When a being dies on the Realm, the Essence it carries is released back into the cycle, and the soul is sent to oblivion, where Mishra takes one and breathes new life into it. There are countless, innumerable souls both old and new, so it might very well be that Carric’s is one that had at least been a dragon one time.

The Party’s final question was how they could get to the Realm. After the Divines stated that they could not help the Party directly, Antinua began probing for a way to obtain the answer some other way. She asked about the planes, learning that the Realm was a unique place in the center of the cosmos, with a couple of planes in close proximity and the rest of the planes far away. Among these far away planes were ones the Divines had crafted alone in their own image. All except one: Shadowfell. It was beside the Realm, as it was the place where dead souls came to relinquish their Essence. And in this plane were many places of crossing, like the Bleak Caverns.

Now armed with a name, the Party bid the Divines farewell. The mighty beings dissolved into concepts, leaving the Party yet again in the void. Their next direction was clear: Shadowfell.

At the Gates of the Divines
53rd Session

In the innermost sanctum of the Gatekeepers, the Party decided to pursue other portals to the Celestial Sea. One such gate that Althaea had taken directions to was in the Forest of Illusions, located on Arcanis. But first, they needed to return to Reneé. Exfiltration of the castle was not without problems; The Party were seen by the Gatekeepers as they returned to the waters of Umbra. A teleportation circle nearby activated, pouring out cultists who threw curses and spells in equal measure. As things turned sour, the Party resorted to violence, and soon the mages’ powerful magics tore the pursuers to shreds and disencouraged the rest. After blasting their way through the guardian sharks, the Party found their talking, yet not talkative, pony. With worries of a more organized pursuit, they decided to use the two-click-feature of the Cubic Gate to head back to Arcanis.

The Gate brought them close to the Forest of Illusions, onto a hill devoid of magic, perhaps with a twinkle of irony. But soon enough the Party got their bearings and rested. Carric and Dulkan did an aerial flyover of the forest to find their goal: A pond filled with a permanent bank of fog.

It turned out that the reconnaissance was for naught: The forest proved to be worthy of its name, as simply following a small stream led them lost. With sight of magic, the Party found out that nearly half of the things they saw in the forest were magical illusions; Either dangerous, predatory things or mere intangible mirages. But solution came as Althaea recovered the rod she had taken from Karanox. One of the buttons had oriented the rod to point to north back on the safe surface of the Realm, so maybe it would do so now. Pressing the button sent the rod twirling, pointing very firmly towards one direction.

While the forest could fool their senses, it couldn’t fool the powerful magical tool. Despite its best efforts, the forest gave way for the Party, who eventually found the small, unassuming pond, with a suspicious, thick fog bank sitting in its center like an obstinate toad. The party made camp and allowed Lady Antinua to copy the spell they had recovered into her book. This waiting allowed them ample time to prepare for the next step of their journey, which would deliver them into the realm of the gods themselves. All evidence pointed towards the legends and beliefs to be true: The Divines indeed could walk among mortals.

What would they see? What would they ask? And what would the Divines tell them, assuming they indeed did exist? After Lady Antinua opened her eyes, mind filled with the power to survive the Celestial Sea, their questions would get answered.

The Castle of the Gatekeepers
52th Session

The journey through Umbra was a long but uneventful one. The Party swam from settlement to settlement, following leads towards ever more informative people. Eventually, after several days’ of travel, they discovered Sut-naggar, the largest city yet. It was built from several domes, connected to each other via pipes made from some sort of leather. Inside they found the Scrollkeeper, a Fae who kept a record of stories and legends in scrolls. He knew where the Gatekeepers’ stronghold was, but was unwilling to give the Party the knowledge without getting a favor in return.

A shapeshifter had stolen a scroll from the Scrollkeeper, and he wanted the thief to be brought to justice and the scroll in question returned. It proved a simple task: Althaea, still in possession of the Crystal ball, discovered the location of the shapeshifter in mere hours. Carric marched to the miscreant’s doorstep and gave a stern talking-to, tugging their heartstrings and drawing a regretful confession of their crime. With everything well, the Scrollkeeper gave them a scroll describing the direction to the Gatekeepers in a form of a story.

So finally they arrived in Lady Antinua’s vision: A huge dome with a tower inside. Leaving Reneé near a strange stone tree, the Party infiltrated the castle. Despite nearly getting caught in an invisibility-shattering lantern, they managed to get inside. The Party rallied in a strange, dome-shaped room of a swirling, cloud-like white patterns on the walls and thick glass panes displaying the achievements of the Divines. In the center of the room Carric found a hidden mechanism that popped open a lever, which the Party wisely decided not to push. With Lady Antinua’s spells and Carric’s invisibility, they headed ever upwards, dodging past members of the mysterious cult, eventually ending up in the turret Lady Antinua had seen in her vision.

The turret only presented a stern door as the final obstacle. Althaea knocked on the only feature of the door: A metallic knocker. A mysterious entity probed into her mind and demanded to know whether she should be there. Deciding to imitate a faithful newcomer, Althaea boldly lied that she had permission to enter. The door tossed her a difficult demand: She needed to recite the three tenets of the Gatekeepers. While she was flummoxed, Carric and Antinua managed to piece the information together from the mumblings and writings they had seen while they snuck through the stronghold:

  • There exists a True Destiny for the entire multiverse
  • The Divines exist, and they are the only ones who can bring about True Destiny
  • Mortals do not know the True Destiny, so we must bar their path to the Divines

Ironically enough, claiming to be a member of the Gatekeepers was the key to open the gate. With enough confidence the Party managed to enter the small sanctum whose walls were filled with statues of dragons and rows of scrolls and books. Antinua soon found the scroll from her vision: A powerful spell, called Conceptual Reinforcement. Its power would protect its users from the transformative effects of the planes and other spells. It was the key component needed to survive their journey to the Celestial Sea. The greedy wizard also sought out the thickest wizarding tome in the stacks and found what sought: A magical artifact, which was, in fact, another Cubic Gate, built to combat the Daemon threat a long time ago.

Carric discovered some magic for himself while Althaea’s attention was drawn by the locked book on display: The Celestial Sea. After defeating the lock its contents were free: Locations of portals to the Celestial Sea from different planes, along with a warning that meddling with them would be a hazard to one’s life, and to the fabric of the universe. Not willing to anger anyone by looting the place too much, Althaea merely copied a few of the portal directions before returning it to its proper place. The closest portal was right under their feet: The white dome-shaped room was apparently a Celestial Sea replica and the secret lever would open a portal to the mysterious and lethal plane.

So the final leg of their planar journey was within their grasp. But there were still several problems: Lady Antinua would need to copy the spell to her book which would take hours and Reneé, their intrepid companion, was still hiding in the water, under a constant threat of drowning. There was also not saying whether their presence had attracted attention…

A Crazy Alchemist
51st Session

Now that the Party was in Umbra, their next problem was to find the place Lady Antinua had seen in her vision; The secret how to go to the Celestial Sea. Without any guidance, they allowed Zariss to guide them. This time, however, Antinua was prepared: She had developed a spell that allowed the entire party to breathe water, which made traversing the watery depths of Umbra much, much easier.

Their wanderings found them a huge kelp forest, with singular kelp leaves long and thick like massive trees. Among the roots of the plants was a veritable graveyard of eaten and digested bones, suggesting the presence of a dread beast. However, with Althaea’s skills the Party harnessed the skulls still intact and learned that there was a settlement near a “Violet Sun”, which was not too far away. The Party swam to discover this object.

Indeed, the Violet Sun existed and was as curious as many other things in the planes. The ball radiated transmutative energies, so the Party had to skirt around it, seeking people to talk to. Luckily, they found one. From a strange device set up to capture the radiating energies in some strange silk strands, the Party deduced the location of a smaller air dome. Inside was a strange and even somewhat frightening woman, clad in fish scale tights, greenish ragged hair, heterochromatic eyes and scaly skin who welcomed the group, after making sure they were not hostile. The rather unhinged woman introduced herself as Nuoja, an alchemist. After enjoying her “tea”, the Party managed to glean the location of a nearby city called Edelweis, and that the group the Party were looking for were a cult called Gatekeepers who collected powerful transplanar magics to “protect the Divines”.

Determined to continue forward after the eccentric woman’s tales, the Party left towards the nearby settlement. However, Carric, interested in her trade, exchanged some of his Dust of Dryness for the recipe of an alleged elixir of life…

A Heartfelt Farewell
50th Session

The Party left for Null again. This time they were prepared and the journey was easier, if not comfortable. Traversing through the snowy darkness, the Party visited the now-diminished Arhok, home to only a handful of die-harders clinging to the settlement. Their stay was short and only a couple of hours later they arrived to Mox.

The small city had changed. Open and welcoming, it was a hotbed of improvement, all sorts of activity and civil, if lengthy, debating about Mox’s future. The Party was warmly welcomed and allowed to rest and recuperate. Lady Antinua shared her spells to help in the construction efforts while Althaea offered her diplomatic skills to speed up the debating. Carric was anxiously waiting for their next move, mostly deep in his research.

But Dulkan had a dilemma. Edessa, now completely free of any burdens, began calmly integrate into the society, helping with sewing and watching after children. She was clearly happy to remain in this harsh place. But while Dulkan wanted to remain with Edessa, something pulled his mind elsewhere.

Dulkan found a small, very small organisation called the Adventurer’s Guild in the city, consisting of only one Dragonborn with several maps. He offered supplies for anyone who would brave the unknown and dark hills to search for new lights where people could settle. Dulkan decided to apply and he was joined by another native… And Khava. Before heading to the journey, Dulkan took Khava to the top of a tall building and told him how he had known Edessa for a long time when he was still in Kolmhaag. After his tale, Dulkan asked the tiefling about his plans… And his relationship with Edessa. Khava told him how he found purpose in his life when he met Edessa, that she was like him: A lonely survivor, flitting between the dangers of the planes. And that he felt himself becoming closer to her every time they had a moment to breathe together. After the tiefling’s story, Dulkan asked finally aloud: Who of the two suitors should Edessa choose?

Khava, after a moment’s pondering, took a silver star Dulkan gave him in Daemonis to defend himself with and extended it back to the man, stating that Dulkan knew Edessa better while he himself was just a wanderer, coming to a stranger’s aid. Dulkan closed Khava’s hand and simply stated that if Khava continued the way he helped Edessa, all would be well. Then he climbed back down from the building, saying that they had a side quest to complete.

The mapping took only about two days, although it was hard to keep track in the perpetual darkness or light of the plane. The journey was uneventful, but they did discover a row of old statues, now covered in snow, leading to one that extended its hands towards the sky, presenting a bowl of some sort. After mapping the area thoroughly, Dulkan climbed to examine the contents of the bowl: A sword hilt and a metallic chime of some sort, covered in writings in high dragonic; Guides to discovering new areas of lights, now obsolete and lost.

But this cryptic message got Dulkan thinking about the one they had received in the cylinder from Umura. It’s hidden meaning was uncovered in Null, their first location, while the cylinder itself was instrumental in taking down Beligandir. It was too many coincidences for Dulkan’s tastes… Was someone, or something, guiding them? Was it destiny that had led them through the planes?

When they returned, Dulkan met with Edessa, who was very content as the chaotic power was not coursing through her veins anymore. After a brief meeting where he witnessed the sorcerer’s happiness, Dulkan mulled over his situation and thoughts through the night. The next day he returned, now bearing witness to Khava bringing Edessa a gift he had most likely traded his rewards for: A warm fur cloak. After the tiefling disappeared back into the bustle of the city, Dulkan finally expressed his feelings for Edessa. Teary-eyed, Edessa answered back: It was heartbreaking to shatter Dulkan’s hopes, but Edessa was finally at peace in Null… And she always loved Dulkan as a brother and a protector.

So it was settled. Dulkan embraced Edessa, now as a brother would sister, and answered that while he would have to go, divines willing he would come back. Edessa smiled through her tears, reassuring that the divines wouldn’t have a say in that matter. And so, they departed.

Now the Party was again ready to travel, this time to Umbra, where they would have to solve their next problem: How to get to the tower that contained the way to the Celestial Sea?

49th Session

It was a moment of grief for the Party. Carric had perished in the fight against Beligandir, and despite Althaea’s magic, they could not rouse him back to life. After giving their respective eulogies, the Party built a litter with which to carry his body to the invisible village they had previously traveled through.

The village took the Party in, paying their respects to the fallen friend with their own silent ways. Asking about a place to bury Carric, the invisible beings informed them of a group of pyramids beyond a hill. Khava, Lady Antinua and Dulkan hiked to the curious pyramids that were built with supreme craftsmanship, where the dead were laid on top. There their flesh was eaten by beautiful, ethereal butterflies which were sadly too invisible.

But as the group was investigating his last resting place, Carric stirred back in the village. With a pained gasp for air, the Party’s trusted sorcerer sage had returned to the realm of the living. Althaea, standing vigil over his body, rushed to soothe his pains, overjoyed at this miraculous return. And when the rest of the Party came back, Carric could himself deliver the good news… And what he had seen.

According to his tale, he had been awakened from a thoughtless state by a being, who offered him a chance to live. As Carric agreed, the being had expressed hope that Carric would use his second chance to bring down that who had climbed high over the others… The Guardian. To give him an extra incentive, the being reached inside Carric and removed his memories of Edin, his mentor and unfulfilled love, stating that a way to get them back would be to fulfill the being’s desire. After this, it had summoned another one, who took Carric to another place, where he ascended again to oblivion… And to life.

Despite the mysteries, the Party refused to ponder on them, and instead they decided to feast on the best rations they could muster, play, sing and dance. The sounds of merriment were silently accentuated by the villagers joining the dance, spots of playful light circling and framing the Heroes who let their minds rest. An additional pleasant surprise was had: Renee, their lucky pony who had survived the terrors of the planes, spoke that he enjoyed their dancing. Apparently the power of Arcanis had awakened the pony’s mind, which was now enjoying the music and party for the first time.

After a thorough rest from their celebration the Party turned somber again. Edessa, now free from her obligations, wished for one last favor from the Party: To be brought to Null, where she could be safe from her own, chaotic power. This request framed the Party’s conversation: What next? Clearly some forces, maybe even the Divines, wanted the Party to enter conflict with the Dragonslayer. But for what purpose? And would the Party even want to fight the woman, who was doing the right thing, albeit from her perspective?

Eventually they decided to continue to follow the message that was in the cylinder that had been instrumental in the defeat of Beligandir: Seek the Celestial Sea. But to do that, they would need to return to Umbra, where they would find the power to go there, maybe even to return back to the Realm. On their way, they would leave Edessa and Khava to Null and close this chapter of their adventures.

Beligandir's End
48th Session


The day had begun like any other, so it was a surprise that Muralca had visitors. Her demons had captured a group of armed infiltrators that had attempted to sneak into Maril’s domain. Strangest of all was the fact that they were not demons, but people from the Realm. Being busy with planning the next move in the eternal war of domination, Maril initially deemed the group as a small pile of flesh and maybe some entertainment. But when questioned about their reasons for being there, the group made a bold claim: That they were allies of Beligandir and held his valuable secrets.

This claim, of course, was quite preposterous. But what if it were true? If they did hold her rival’s secrets, Maril could use this to her advantage. Maybe if the secrets were valuable enough, Beligandir would risk an obvious trap to gain them. And thus, a wicked plan began to form in her mind.

Leaving the group to her arena under guard, Maril gathered a group of her strongest winged warriors and decided upon an ambush location: Serpent Artery, a river that marked Beligandir’s borders. Trusting that her double agents would bring the information to Beligandir post-haste, Maril arranged for the prisoners to “escape” and cordoned them to the Serpent Artery. If they spoke the truth, Beligandir or his minions would appear and Maril would slaughter them. If they lied, then, well, they would make good target practice.

And so it was done. As Maril and her forces hid in the plains, she could hear the commotion from the city as the escape was arranged. And soon enough, Beligandir himself and his fastest followers had arrived to the bank of the river valley. They were looking for the prisoners, clearly, unwilling to cross the border. With the winds and the terrain, a trap like this would be deadly for anyone who crossed the river.

They waited. And waited. Maybe the Realmfolk had outsmarted them? Just as Maril was ready to abandon the plan, Beligandir sent a scout over, maybe to find a disturbance. Then half of his group. Then the rest, along with himself. Amazed that the plan worked, Maril pounced, her group flying in the air and descending upon the demons in the riverbanks. Maril herself, feeling confident, charged the Pit Lord himself, smashing him to the ground. But something was off. He was too light, and half of Maril’s weapons sunk into the demon without finding purchase. An illusion!

Realizing this, her eyes disarmed the ruse and she stared at Beligandir’s lieutenant. “You poor fool. Your mind was in the right place, but your competence was lacking”, he mocked. “Beligandir’s real prize is in your undefended, unguarded Pit!” Her home! As Maril was taking into the air, the fake Pit Lord charged her and took her tumbling down. As she fell, cursing the weakling, she could see the tiefling and the half-elf flying off into the direction of her home.


The plan was taking too long. How could have the half-elf avoided capture this long? Centuries of waiting, just to have his prize squirm through his fingers like the flesh ooze. While he wanted to deny it, it was really getting on Beligandir’s nerves.

Then, a break! One of his agents in Beligandir’s neighbor’s Pits sent him urgent information: Maril had captured a group of Realmfolk, who claimed to hold important information. Pressing for details deflated his initial joy; None of them were the sorceress. Just some fools, come to Daemonis to die.

But still, Beligandir decided to be thorough. He demanded his arcane mages to scry for Edessa in the long shot that she was on this plane and visible. She was. Unbelievable! Beligandir had risked everything to spread his planar networks to their breaking point, and now the sorceress was here, in his grasp. The only problem was that she was in Maril’s city.

But wait, no-one apparently knew about the sorceress. How could this be? Maybe… Maybe the sorceress was hidden even from Maril, while her companions were caught in her web. Yes, this was it. As Beligandir pondered on his plan to extract the half-elf, maybe even with bribery, another gift from the fire came: His agent told him that the realmfolk had escaped and were heading to Serpent Artery. A plan came to Beligandir’s mind: If he sent the bulk of his flying forces to search for these escapees, along with “himself”, that could draw Maril’s defenses away from the city, allowing him to quickly snatch the sorceress.

So he deemed. He sent his lieutenant to lead his forces, under an illusionary guise. Beligandir took his most trusted, and most powerful, guards with him and flew to the highest point he had ever flown to get over Maril’s watchers. The plan worked, and he could barely see Maril engage his decoys. While they were busy, Beligandir descended to her Pit. This would be it, his finest moment!

Diving down, Beligandir saw a human and two elves sneaking about. Probably they were a part of the escapees. Despite the questions why they were here and not in the ambush point, Beligandir was glad fort them, because they most likely would lead him to the sorceress. As he landed like a comet from above, the small beings scattered, hiding in Maril’s spiky stronghold. With little difficulty, Beligandir tore the doors open and gave chase.

Ending back in the courtyard, Beligandir surveyed the area and deemed that the hiding places were running out. He gave them a few moments to surrender. And just as he was rising to his wings, the human man came out of hiding, challenging him, claiming that he was from the Kiln family. Wondering about the man, Beligandir walked casually to the small being, asking why he was resisting Beligandir’s plans so.

This was a distraction, however. Edessa had gone to the Shaper’s ledge, a stony outcropping over the Pit and apparently had decided to make her stand there. A foolish mistake, Beligandir thought as he brushed her lightning spell aside. A greater annoyance was the Kiln human, who attacked the demon with a silvered weapon, burning a deep wound in his thigh. His second attack was with some short baton, which feebly stuck inside the wound. Beligandir smashed the man aside with a slash of his lightning sword and crack of his flaming whip and flew towards his prize.

Edessa put up quite a fight, managing to somehow cover the entire tip of the ledge in a thick fog. She slipped through his grasp annoyingly as her companions’ attacks were getting irritating. And in the end, it was the rock beneath that crumbled first, the final stroke being the sorceress throwing herself at the ledge. The tip detached and Beligandir, the sorcerer and the annoyingly persistent Kiln human fell into the Pit, where the flesh ooze started to eat at them all. But it was not the first time Beligandir had fallen into the Pit; He was tougher than the ooze and could just rise to his wings and take off with Edessa.

But that did not happen.

The Kiln managed to do something with Beligandir’s leg and suddenly there was an immense weight anchoring him to the pool. Confidence turned into panic as Beligandir realized that he could not move without the baton inside his wound sending flaring hot tendrils of pain through his body. As he trashed in the burning juices of the Pit, he realized that he was outsmarted by the group of realmdwellers. In desperation, he cut off his leg with the lightning sword underneath the ooze as survival instincts kicked in. As Beligandir looked above, he could see the battered Kiln with a bow and an arrow, pointing it at him. The arrow flew into Beligandir’s forehead, and suddenly the world got searing hot. Panic turned to fury as the demon realized that he was dying, and with his last might, he wished death to all and everybody.

And with a searing hot explosion, Beligandir was no more.


After the smoke had fallen, only Althaea, Khava and Lady Antinua rose up. The rest were lying on the ground, unconscious and gravely wounded. Around the Pit, demons were staring at the battlefield that had just consumed, quite literally, a PIt Lord. The three exchanged a single glance and started working: They took the foldable hole from Carric’s backpack and threw everyone inside. As Lady Antinua folded the hole, Althaea opened a dimensional doorway to the edge of the Pit’s hill where their lucky Pony Renee was waiting. And with a flick of Antinua’s wrist, she opened a gateway with the Cubic Gate to Arcanis.

Finally in safety, they folded the hole open and checked on their unconscious friends. Of the three fallen heroes, only two hearts were beating.

Carric Tannyth, a sorcerer and a Hero of Dusk Coast, had perished.

Fire and Brimstone
47th Session

After defeating Azul, the dreaded dominator of minds, the heroes were invited to the Merwyrm castle for celebrations. One of Azul’s thralls, a wise sage of the Merwyrm, knew of a Nexus path to Daemonis and could provide the directions to it. But before they left, Carric asked the Merwyrm about something Azul had tempted him with: A way to turn back time and see his mentor again. According to all arcane knowledge, such power was impossible, but the sage did mention a legend of a pearl that could turn back time: The Time Ebb. But without any further information but the name, the Party continued on.

Pausing only to briefly explore a haunted underground ruin, the Heroes of Dusk Coast found the Nexus path: A cramped tunnel that angled upwards, through the mysterious swirling Nexus to a smell of fire and brimstone: Daemonis.

An inhospitable plane where black stone and glowing lava battled for dominance under a blood-red sky, Daemonis offered the Party their next challenge: What next? Without any further guidance, except the hiding spot of Beligandir’s escape tunnel, the Party sent Khava flying up to find any landmarks. He found only one place that seemed to suggest some sort of life or civilization. With only that direction to go, the Party set off into the heat.

After some difficulty with a heated crystal, the Party found an observation outpost, manned by 3 winged demons. To gain more information, Khava and Althaea, under a spell of invisibility, went closer to investigate. Not getting anything relevant out of the demons’ discussion, Althaea decided to try the oldest trick in the book: A flying rock. One of the demons took flight and did investigate the disturbance from above. Remembering that Althaea could change her appearance, Khava concocted a plan: He lured the scout out of sight where he and the elven bard stabbed the demon to death. Then Althaea musicized her appearance to that of the demon, intent on covert interrogation. But the tiefling’s plan failed; Althaea couldn’t create the creature’s wings.

Before they were discovered, Althaea used her dimension door to teleport herself and Khava to safety. There they performed another, more familiar interrogation: They spoke with the demon’s corpse. From that brief questionnaire, they gathered important information: The name of the Spawning Pit nearby, Muralca and its leader, Maril. They also found out that they were enemies with Beligandir.

But as their activities were attracting attention, they decided to continue to Muralca from another direction. Khava managed to find a narrow canyon that led the group to the Pit of Muralca; A round pond filled with organic sludge, surrounded by spartan, stone-hewn platforms and ledges. But alas, their approach was noticed, and the Party emerged to a trap of demons at the ready, demanding them to drop their weapons. Everyone complied, except for Edessa, who was made invisible by Carric and the sorcerer himself. His refusal to give his staff was met by a shower of spikes from the tails of the guardian demons and the sorcerer fell. Thanks to Althaea’s quick healing, his wounds were not fatal.

Now disarmed, the group were paraded in front of an entire city of demons into an arena in front of the Pit itself. The jeering crowds fell silent as a winged, pale woman, clad in black and red platemail emerged, demanding to know who had walked into the heart of her domain. Dulkan answered, telling that they were as what they seemed: A group of planar travelers and asked her name in return. The woman chuckled, answering that she was Miral, the Pit Lord of Muralca.


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