Yaris Nailo

The head of Nailo Family


Yaris Nailo is the old elf head of the Nailo family. He is hundreds of years old, and has lived in Duskport for over 300 years. Well-travelled and well-read, Yaris serves as an adviser to the Baron of Duskport. For an elf he is very humble, which has enabled him to live under many Dragon rulers.

Yaris mostly spends his time in the Court, and lets his wife Anthea run the family and the manor.

Lord Yaris was Lady Ashinka Drusia’s first and most important ally in her quest of free Dusk Coast. He joined after witnessing Baron Marram’s treatement of his daughter and his unbecoming reaction to the dire news. Yaris remained in the Baron’s council as an informant, listening to his decisions. But as the situation went worse and the Baron became more paranoid and reclusive, Yaris left to Melenne.

Yaris Nailo

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