The Patron of Shadow


Thivarax is a young green Dragon, travelling the world and trying to find her place. As she was had more cunning than brute power, she decided to build her wealth with subterfuge and crime. The independent-yet-wealthy Bowmeet was a good place to siphon wealth from. One day as she was preparing to send her agents to seize control of the city, they betrayed her. Only Glinish was loyal and warned her of the trap she was heading towards. Thivarax dealt with the traitors, but their attitude opened her eyes: The contempt of the lesser species was so great that they would resort to even murdering their benefactor.

The treachery was not the only worrying fact. As she built her web of intrigue, she stumbled across the fact that another dragon had mysteriously died. This alarmed her, and she began to seek out more information. The slayer had not revealed themselves, but the Followers of the Guardian spread from the area where the dragon had died, keeping in shadows and edges of dragonic territories.

Now, Thivarax’s goal is to find the Dragonslayer and end them, before their assassinations bring the wrath of the dragons to the general populace.


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