A planar traveler


Khava has spent his entire life traversing the Planes. He has never felt truly home anywhere, as a scion of both demons and humans no plane felt truly natural. The constant danger and thrill of living in ever-shifting environments gave Khava a razor-sharp survival instinct.

By happenstance he came across Edessa, who was running from demons, a lost girl on the planes. Because of some spark of nobility and selflessness, Khava decided to help Edessa and risked his life to extend his survival skills to her.

Now, after an initial bout of suspicion about the Party, Khava has slowly began to trust them as they searched for a way to liberate Edessa from the evil deal of the demon Beligandir.

During this adventure, Khava had to face his darker deeds as he was prosecuted for kidnapping and selling a Merwyrm girl to slavery to a monster called Azul. His sentence was to dive through a mystical underground cave in Umbra, where he would face himself. The journey through the tunnel did indeed provoke some change in the tiefling and revealed his desire to help and feel like he matters.


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