Goran Marram

Dragonborn Baron of Duskport


Baron Goran Marram is the leader of Duskport. He is loyal to Khariss, his family being elevated to the position by her. Baron Goran is a sorcerer, wearing a heavy cloak and the Scepter of Barony.

Before Khariss’ death, Baron Marram was a firm and proud man, not afraid to make tough decisions and giving credit where credit is due. But after the Dusk Coast’s dragon’s death, he was faced by his own imminent death in the hands of the new dragon. Fear clouded his judgement and he alienated the people who could have helped him survive: The Party.

After the Party was secreted away from his grasp by Lady Ashinka Drusia, the Baron had to come to terms with his precarious position. In his fear, he saw his own dark side: He had grown accustomed to power, and did not want to let go of it. So he devised a plan: He would send out messages to the surrounding dragons who, by reputation, would reward him for his dragonic loyalty. While the rumours of the attempts for a new rule spread, his panicked reaction was to crush any dissent with fear.

He associated with the Sorceress Yagasha, who became his confidante. He hoped that the dragons would move soon and this precarious situation would be dealt with. But the Party moved faster, and he had to face the situation sooner than he had hoped.

When the United Dusk Coast came to his doorstep, along with druid allies that prevented him from using his resources to crush the rebellion, he had to take a risk. Trusting in his own abilities, and the abilities of Yagasha and his guard captain who he had deemed loyal to Duskport, he faced off with the Party, intent on killing them. But he lost, lamenting before his death his lot in life: To be threatened with death by dragon only to be sidelined by humans and rebels.

Goran Marram

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