Ashinka Drusia

The head of Drusia Family


Lady Ashinka Drusia is a shrewd diplomat and a negotiator, and the head of the Drusia family. She likes to wear impressive clothing and jewelry and flaunt her wealth. Involved in many businesses and dealings, Lady Ashinka knows a lot of people. Her flattery and silver words melt a lot of resistance, but behind that veneer is a cunning mind.

After the death of Khariss, Lady Ashinka was the first one to seize the moment and start planning for the future. She treated the tributaries well, returned their belongings and managed to get them out of Duskport without problems. She requested their aid in her plan: To build an independent nation of Dusk Coast.

Lady Ashinka’s plan worked, with the assistance of the Party. She seems like where she belongs, managing issues, seeing opportunities… And also having many people indebted to her in the council.

Ashinka Drusia

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