45th Session

The Detritus was chock full of people of the planes. Mingling with the crowd, the Party managed to find out that the tower they were heading to, Gimmerwald, was experiencing tower quakes and the people were evacuating, crowding the neighboring towers. Regardless, they needed to go. After resting away the harrowing escape from the replicators, the Party began to collect equipment for their trek through Umbra, where Khava was leading them to.

In Umbra they would have to dive a long, long way to find Khava’s contact. While according to the tiefling breathing wouldn’t be a problem for the heroes themselves, Renee, their lucky pony, was a different matter. He couldn’t use the same method to breathe and he couldn’t dive properly. But the Party had a partial solution; The ring they found in Assarna would allow the pony to swim and one of Carric’s potions would allow him to breathe. Now they would just need to get the ring to their equine friend’s hoof and they would be set.

While Dulkan, Khava and Edessa bartered for goods, Carric, Antinua and Althaea went to the Well itself to see if they could create some object to help in their predicament. As the Party had rested, Carric had perused the tower’s small library and found a travelogue of the planes, by a gnomish adventurer. One of the gnomes, the most numerous people of Forgewell, had told Carric that the Well was a place where everything invented is created. The sorcerer was eager to test that theory. While his tests are futile, the mages did use their magics to fish some objects from the well. Along with some trinkets and a gem, they managed to get an armour made from magical seashells. Their success allowed them to trade for a gnome craftsman to attach the ring to Renee, which was a success.

Thus equipped, they left for Gimmerwald. The long bridge journey was too much for Carric and Khava, who were still tired after the events of the previous day. Dulkan, relishing the challenge, took Carric to his back while two spears and a tent became a stretcher for the tiefling as the two slept soundly. Althaea eased the dull monotony of the kilometers long bridge with her songs. At the apex of the bridge Gimmerwald’s problems became apparent: The bridge was cracked in the middle, yet still solid enough to walk on. Hurrying forth, the Party found a couple of diehard residents still living in the otherwise-abandoned tower. Khava, now awake, led them to a discreet side corridor that eventually ended in a room with a gang of gnomish thugs who demanded payment for the hidden gateway. Parting with some trinkets, the Party headed through a door, just as another tower quake rocked the room.

On the other side of an ethereal, floating pathway was another dome of Umbra, this one empty. Not wasting any time, the Party followed Khava as the tiefling swallowed a tall seaweed and dived into the water. Renee, now able to breathe underwater with Carric’s potion, nearly managed to escape in his panic. The Party attached themselves to him while Althaea attempted to control the pony. While she eventually managed to calm the beast, he had pulled them off-course. Khava, now in unfamiliar waters, led them to a gargantuan reef where they found some sort of sunken ship… and sharks. Racing away and blasting behind them with magic, the Party managed to escape the predators, yet they were lost again.

Before all hope was lost, a group of merborn, dragonborn with fish-like tails instead of legs, approached. Sympathetic towards the curious band of land-dwellers but wary of their goal to reach Khava’s contact, they led the group back to their proper path. Galloping towards their goal before Renee began to drown, the Party witnessed a great shape stalking them just at the edge of their vision and a group of other merborn escorting them towards another dome.

With only minutes to spare, the Party surfaced in a bleak but impressive underwater dome, with an ornamental staircase leading to Khava’s contact. Visibly worried about his meeting, Khava gave the Party the option to remain near the pool while he talked. But even as he ascended the slippery stairs, the Heroes of Dusk Coast followed, eager to meet this… Exul.


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