44th Session

The Party pondered how they would get to Daemonis, as the planes held many lessons and secrets that they were not privy to. Khava offered a solution: He knew of an information broker who owed him a favor. The broker had their lair in Umbra, a plane of water, but a more landlocked path went through Forgewell. Not willing to get wet, the Party decided to use the Cubic Gate to travel there.

Forgewell was another plane of strange beauty: The skies above were dark and the gently curving ground below was a roiling, fiery ocean. Shafts of light rose from the surface towards the skies, bringing with them matter, objects and plain stuff. Round towers, kilometers high, were built around these “wells” as the denizens of the planes called them, connected to each other by thin, unfathomably long bridges.

The Party emerged in a balcony overlooking the mesmerizing landscape. After getting his bearings, Khava brought them good news: They were very close to a tower called Gimmerwald, from where he could guide them to his informant. Now they would just need to find a bridge to the tower.

The interior of the tower, haphazardly but very sturdily built from the random construction that the well spews forth, was curiously devoid of life. Their planar guide was worried, telling the party a story of replicants, small beings that infest the towers and use everything they find to build more replicants. With a possibility of a new threat, the party kept moving.

After navigating the ascending tower interior and using their wits to overcome obstacles both mundane and magical, the Party came upon the center of the tower itself: The well. A stream of objects of all kind streamed quickly upwards, impacting to each other and hitting the already-damaged interior wall of the shaft. After wondering and researching the well, the Party started shimmying along the interior towards their ultimate goal: A bridge to another tower. However, halfway across they awakened a small group of cat-sized stuff-spiders: Replicants. Carric and Althaea easily blasted the things to pieces, but the commotion awakened the rest of the replicants. Which numbered in the hundreds, maybe even thousands. So the Party ran.

Using their magic and the grim knowledge of their fate should they stop, the Party reached the bridge and began running across, drawing after them a veritable sea of the scuttling replicants. After a grueling run they nearly reached the safety of the next tower… But there was a final obstacle in the way. A single humming copper rod, surrounded by broken pieces of replicants. Their suspicion was confirmed when Dulkan tossed a piece of bread towards the rod and it was met with a crack of lightning. It nearly seemed that the Party was trapped, but a solution finally presented itself: Their foldable hole could accommodate a lot of people, along with their lucky pony. So the Party climbed into the hole and Althaea used her dimension door song to move herself beyond the troublesome turret.

And with that the Party was safe. The turret began performing its function and blasting the incoming horde of replicants with lightning and the Party could walk to the tower. There they were greeted by a gnome with a lot more humour than the party after their harrowing flight who, after introductions, let the Party into the tower. There they headed to an inn with the name of “Detritus” for some well-earned rest and a promise that they could finally explore the strange plane of Forgewell.


Samuli_Raninen Samuli_Raninen

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