A Dragon's Dying Wish

Khariss' demise

Khariss felt cold. She attempted to lift her wings, her feet, her head, but did not have the strength. It felt like she had lain there for years, bleeding on her lair’s floor. The only thing stronger than the pain was her rage.
”Why won’t you let go?” A voice, a thought came. With immense effort, Khariss opened her eye. Everything was blurry, the only thing in focus was a dark, majestic dragon.
Because I can’t die.
”Everything dies. You are only delaying the inevitable.”
I cannot die like this! In my lair, slain by some human.
”That was not just some human.”
Khariss closed her eye. The effort was too much.
Is it still alive?
This cannot be allowed. I want vengeance!
”That is beyond your power.”
Khariss mustered a snort. No matter who or what the figure was, she refused to believe it. So she clinged on, aware of the presence who awaited patiently.
An eternity passed. Then a sound, a tremor, a feeling pierced through the dark, cold mist.
What was that?
”Your tribute.” The presence said, directly into her mind. So the yearly tribute had arrived. A show of fear. Respect. Maybe even… honor?
Will they avenge me?
”That is unlikely.” Yes… of that the figure was correct. But Khariss realized that she did indeed not have much time. She could not feel her body anymore. Soon she would be gone. This was her last chance. She forced herself back to the pain, to the coldness to become aware of the beings in her lair. She could feel their steps on the stone through the cold, could hear their distant words through the silence, smell their smells through the blood.
You are my champions now. I will give you my everything I have… for the chance that you will avenge me. You are my legacy now. Go with my blessings.
With the effort spent, Khariss felt empty. She had done everything she could.
”Are you ready to leave now?”
Finally, Khariss allowed herself to die.


Samuli_Raninen Samuli_Raninen

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